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Partnerships - College & Universities
With the FREE Buzzfile widget, customized for each college or university, career services professionals can provide students with detailed information on thousands of employers for each major.

Millions of professionals and small business owners have been using Buzzfile to identify sales prospects, research companies, and grow their business. Now Buzzfile is available to colleges and universities with the same utility and ease-of-use.

Buzzfile has mapped dozens of college majors to the specific companies and industries that employ graduates of those majors. Dozens of additional majors will be added in the coming weeks. Using the Buzzfile widget, career services professionals can select their majors and location, set how they want the information to appear on their web page, and add Buzzfile to their site.

Career services professionals will improve the university’s placement rate by enabling students to discover thousands of potential employers. Students can find the companies they are looking for, discover unlisted job opportunities, and enhance their chance of finding their dream job.

Add Buzzfile to your site today!
It is really easy
Register with your ".edu" email and sign in
Select your majors and location
Set how you want the information to appear on your web page
If you are happy with how it will look on your web page, copy the code to your site
You’re DONE! Your students can now start discovering thousands of new employers

With detailed information on 18 million companies and some of the most advanced search, filtering and list building tools, Buzzfile is the most advanced company information database in the market today. Typically such advanced functionality is only available in databases costing thousands of dollars.