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The New Buzzfile: We Listened to YOU
17 March 2014 Posted by: Catherine Sherwood

As the Buzzfile database has grown in popularity, we’ve been getting great feedback from users. Our core data is sourced from Dun & Bradstreet but our primary goal has always been to create an intuitive and flexible interface that supports our users’ needs. We’ve learned that most Buzzfile power users want the ability to do more than a one-time search; they want a tool that they can use on an ongoing basis to improve their sales and marketing needs and grow their business. We listened.

With our latest release:

  • Users can search for companies using more selection criteria
  • Criteria can easily be added to (or subtracted from) a search until the user gets exactly what he or she is looking for.
  • Once a search is created, that search criteria can be saved for future use
  • Lists are now dynamic and can be added to at a later date 
  • Lists can be kept private shared to a select group or made public.
  • And the information displayed on Company Pages has been expanded with new sources of content.

Over the next months, more features will be released and we’ll let you know about them on our social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

The presentation below gives a more detailed overview of the latest feature release.