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The Educated Consumer: Making the Most Out of Your Marketing Budget
10 June 2015 Posted by: Catherine Sherwood


Craig March has his own list brokerage business – March Direct Marketing – that does business throughout the United States. He says that the small-to-medium B2B businesses that are new to direct marketing often have a tough time creating a successful marketing campaign. “The problem starts with not knowing what kind of businesses to target,” according to Craig. Many of his customers have cost constraints so getting the right list is especially important, but lack of knowledge about industry categories is a real stumbling block.


With Buzzfile, his clients can do some initial research on their own. They can start by looking up companies they know they want to target, or companies that are already their customers, and find out which industry categories they are in. They can refine categories by looking at broader categories or narrowing down an industry to just a subset. They can look at size of company, revenues and location. As they follow this process they can get a better feel for what the characteristics of their target market should be and also learn about the size of those markets so that they can stay within their budget parameters.


“One of the things I can do as an experienced independent list broker is provide some consultation and advice,” said Craig “but I can more effectively serve my clients if they have the opportunity to think though their goals up front.”  Buzzfile allows smaller companies, without big budgets, to do some valuable market research before they launch a marketing program. The time invested can save money and increase their effectiveness. And when they go to a list broker like Craig March, they can have an informed conversation about what companies they want to target, who within those companies they want to reach, and if they should do a direct mail or an email marketing program.