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More Students (and Their Families) are Looking at the ROI of a College Education
4 June 2014 Posted by: Catherine Sherwood

With the recent downturn in the economy and college tuition fees that far outstrip other cost-of-living indexes, students and parents want to know that the investment will pay off. Reflecting this concern, many college ranking sites take the employment rate of graduates into consideration when they rate these institutions. And what parents, students who are often saddled with high student loan debt, and those that are in the business of rating colleges know is that all employment is not created equal. Getting a job that is below – or doesn’t match – the skill set that the student trained for often puts that person on a compromised career path.\


Buzzfile has just released a widget that college placement services can use to help their graduates identify companies to approach. We talked with many college placement services professionals and learned that organizing searches by common majors and allowing the college to narrow the geographic location provides a tool that no one else is providing. We’ve kept it simple – it only takes a few minutes to customize a widget, select from dozens of college majors, and embed the search widget on a website. We are planning to add to these college majors over the next few weeks and also expand our coverage to community college and vocational majors.


People who have been in the workforce for a while, know that most jobs never make it to public job boards. Most – some estimate as many as 80% - get filled through networking. Having access to a full list of potential employers is the first step to discovering those hidden opportunities.