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How Can Students Access the Hidden Job Market
6 June 2016 Posted by: Buzzfile


Enable Students to Discover & Research

Thousands of Employers for Their Major



With Only 20% of Available Jobs Advertised

How Can Students Access the Hidden Job Market?



With Buzzfile’s Employers-by-Major Resource



The Most Comprehensive

Employers-by-Major Resource


FREE to Colleges & Universities



Comprehensive Coverage & Powerful Tools

Millions of business professionals have been using Buzzfile to identify sales prospects, research companies, and grow their business. Now, Buzzfile is available to colleges and universities with the same advanced functionality and ease-of-use.


With detailed information on 18 million companies, 150+ majors, and 18,000 industries, Buzzfile is the most comprehensive Employers-by-Major resource available. Students and career service professionals can discover and research thousands of potential employers for virtually every major and geographic area. Buzzfile is a powerful yet easy to use database. Simply click on the links to discover, filter and sort thousands of relevant employers. Advanced features enable users to map, save, and share custom prospect lists.


Not only is Buzzfile the most comprehensive and functional resource of its kind, it is also the best value. Unlike other services that offer a fraction of the coverage and functionality of Buzzfile, and cost thousands of dollars a year to subscribe, Buzzfile is completely FREE to colleges and universities. Furthermore, Buzzfile provides career centers with tremendous use flexibility. Since Buzzfile is free and does not require registration, career centers can make Buzzfile available to students, faculty and alumni.



Over 270 Colleges and Universities are Using

Buzzfile’s Employers-by-Major Resource





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