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Find the Complete List of Companies (Commercial Tenants) in Any Building
1 August 2016 Posted by: Buzzfile - HowTo Series



Find the Complete List of Companies (Commercial Tenants) in Any Building




Buzzfile is one of very few services that enables users to view the complete list of companies and contacts in any building or portfolio of buildings. In this How-To Series we will show you several ways you can access this information on Buzzfile. Please note that this utility is only available on Buzzfile Professional.


Access from Company Reports


There are several ways you can obtain the list of all companies at any given building. One of the easiest ways is from any company report.


If there are other companies located at the same location, the company report will contain a link to the list of all companies at that location. Simply click on the link to display these companies.


You can find this link in the Contact Information section on the upper left corner of each company report.






Search by Address


1 - Click on List Builder from the navigation on top of the site. That will get you to the Advanced Search / List Builder page. This will get you to the Place Search screen.


2 - Enter a City name or Zipcode. A dropdown will appear with the proper name / zipcode, select your city or zipcode from the dropdown.


3 - Begin entering the street address for the building. For example, if you want to find the list of companies at 599 Lexington Avenue in New York, NY, you will first enter New York in the City search box, then select New York, NY from the dropdown. For street address it is recommended that you only enter the first few characters. For 599 Lexington Avenue, enter “599 L” and you will see the proper address show up in the dropdown, where you will select it. Upon selecting this address, click on the “Add” button.


4 - Doing so will add this search to your search criteria on the right. If this concludes your search, simply click on View Results to display the list of building(s) you included in your search.


Along with displaying building address, you also see how many companies and employees are in the building. You will notice that there is a checkbox to the left of each company address. By selecting that and clicking on the action button above, you can map this address or even view all the companies or contacts in this building.


5 - Clicking on the building address you wish to display the companies (commercial tenants) for will display the complete list of companies in this building. You will also see statistics on the tenant composition of the building based on sector.