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Buzzfile Launches Sales Prospecting & Research Service
6 January 2016 Posted by: Buzzfile

Buzzfile Launches Sales Prospecting & Research Service


Buzzfile launches Buzzfile Professional, a prospecting and research service that is optimized for the unique needs of sales and marketing professionals.


Buzzfile Professional combines advanced functionality normally available from multiple vendors, into a seamlessly integrated service. Buzzfile Professional removes time consuming steps from your workflow, enabling you to uncover and contact greater numbers of prospects, and generate more sales.



Why Is Buzzfile a Better Tools?


Utilize the advanced search feature to find the exact set of companies, buildings or contacts you are seeking.

* Instantly find the complete list of companies in any building or portfolio of buildings, and find relevant contacts at those companies.

Sort and filter all search results, lists and industries.

Organize, share and export your prospects.

Generate significantly more sales in less time.


What Are They Saying?


Buzzfile Telecom is the most impactful sales tool we have seen in a long time


“ In the first quarter of subscribing to Buzzfile Professional we generated over $50,000 in new business. That’s an ROI you just can’t beat


My sales team has increased their call volume by over 100%


I no longer have to make time consuming site visits to find out about building tenants


During my trial of Buzzfile I closed a five figure deal, and immediately subscribed


“ I am uncovering prospects I never would have been able to without Buzzfile


The Most Powerful Search & Filtering


You can create an infinite combination of search queries to find the exact prospects you are seeking while minimizing irrelevant results.

Ability to create extremely sophisticated search queries, and save them. This makes it possible for you to find the exact prospects you are seeking.

Dozens of variables to search by, including company, contact, size, distance, industry, demographic information as well as the ability to display all companies in any building/address.




Better Organized Contacts


Contact titles are normalized and grouped into Function and Role classifications, making it extremely easy to find relevant contacts.

Find specific profession of contacts across multiple companies, buildings or geographic region.

Access detailed contact information including name, title, company, address, email and phone numbers.

Create custom prospect lists or export information to a spreadsheet.



User Friendly Platform


Typically, powerful search & filtering engines are also complex and difficult to use. Buzzfile is an exception.

Everyone searches for prospects in their own unique way. Buzzfile provides multiple pathways to the information and accommodate most users.

Observe the impact of incorporating specific criteria to your search query and adjust in real time to obtain optimal results.

All search results and lists are provided in a tabular format, allowing you to easily sort and filter the information.




Save Everything


To maximize productivity, you can organize, save and share virtually everything on Buzzfile.

Create, save, and share extremely sophisticated search queries.

Create, share, and enable colleagues to enhance prospect lists.

Create portfolios of companies, contacts and places.

Customize and save display formats, enabling you to select the columns of information displayed.






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