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Buzzfile Is the Now Not-So-Secret Weapon for a Successful Business Broker in Southern California
10 March 2015 Posted by: Buzzfile


David Chavez is a business broker at BizEx Business Brokers in Southern California who uses Buzzfile daily on his job. As a business broker he has to become an instant expert in whatever industry his client is in and find opportunities for them to sell their business. Not an easy task. Being able to quickly target the right companies to approach and then sending that letter or making that call increases the likelihood that David will find the right buyer in a timely manner. It’s all about serving his clients, closing more deals per year and building a good reputation for David and BizEx. According to David, Buzzfile makes success come easier.


David describes Buzzfile as “intuitive;” he can get great search results without having to be a database guru. It gives him the opportunity to try multiple searches and learn what industries most closely match that of his client. As a free search service, David can explore and discover which companies meet his needs and not feel pressured to “get it right” the first time. Not only does this process result in better matches, it provides a deeper insight into the business sector and helps him become more knowledgeable.


We gave David an early preview of the new Buzzfile and showed him how he could search for an industry and see an overview of all categories related to that industry so that he could easily pick and choose which ones seemed most relevant. We showed him how he could then build lists, adding in and taking out groups of companies and individual companies. Finally, we previewed the new Buzzfile list-sharing capabilities so that he could work collaboratively within BizEx with list collaboration or list sharing. “I see Buzzfile as being able to narrow in and be more specific about who my target is” said David. “So, from a B2B perspective, if I am looking for all coffee shops (minus Starbucks) I’ve just saved myself thousands in postage and other expenses.”