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Employers of Mathematics majors in IN

Mathematicians use advanced mathematics to develop and understand mathematical principles, analyze data, and solve real-world problems. Mathematicians work in the federal government and in private science and engineering research companies. They may work on teams with engineers, scientists, and other professionals. Mathematicians typically need a master’s degree in mathematics. However, there are some positions available for those with a bachelor's degree. The median annual wage for mathematicians was $101,360 in May 2012. Employment of mathematicians is projected to grow 23 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations. Businesses will need mathematicians to analyze the increasing volume of digital and electronic data.

Conduct research in fundamental mathematics or in application of mathematical techniques to science, management, and other fields. Solve problems in various fields using mathematical methods.

Operations Research Analysts
Formulate and apply mathematical modeling and other optimizing methods to develop and interpret information that assists management with decision making, policy formulation, or other managerial functions. May collect and analyze data and develop decision support software, service, or products. May develop and supply optimal time, cost, or logistics networks for program evaluation, review, or implementation.

Develop or apply mathematical or statistical theory and methods to collect, organize, interpret, and summarize numerical data to provide usable information. May specialize in fields such as bio-statistics, agricultural statistics, business statistics, or economic statistics. Includes mathematical and survey statisticians.

Analyze statistical data, such as mortality, accident, sickness, disability, and retirement rates and construct probability tables to forecast risk and liability for payment of future benefits. May ascertain insurance rates required and cash reserves necessary to ensure payment of future benefits.

Mathematical Science Teachers, Postsecondary
Teach courses pertaining to mathematical concepts, statistics, and actuarial science and to the application of original and standardized mathematical techniques in solving specific problems and situations. Includes both teachers primarily engaged in teaching and those who do a combination of teaching and research.

Mathematical Technicians
Apply standardized mathematical formulas, principles, and methodology to technological problems in engineering and physical sciences in relation to specific industrial and research objectives, processes, equipment, and products.

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Company City State
Conseco Variable Insurance Company
Meridian Citizens Mutual Insurance Company
Census Bureau, United States
Procurement Element
Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township
McKenzie Ctr For Innvtion Tech
American United Mutual Insurance Holding Company
Census Bureau, United States
American Economy Insurance Co Inc
Oneamerica Financial Partners, Inc.
Guggenheim Life and Annuity Company
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
Liberty Mutual
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
Liberty Mutual
Porter Health Services, Inc
Guggenheim Partners, LLC
Delta Dental Plan of Michigan, Inc.
Delta Dental
Witham Memorial Hospital Foundation Inc
J F Molloy & Associates Inc
Meridian Security Insurance Company
K & K Insurance Specialties Inc
Indianapolis Public Schools
Arsenal Technical High School
Golden Rule Insurance Company
Advantage Health Solutions, Inc.
Everence Association Inc.
M-Plan, Inc.
Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Co
Lincoln Reinsurance Company of Vermont III
Washington National Insurance Company
The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
Lincoln Financial
Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc.
Blue Cross
Key Benefit Administrators Inc
American Health Network, Inc.
Cich, Incorporated
Conseco Medical Insurance Co
United Healthcare Services, Inc.
United Healthcare
Depauw University
Julian Science & Math Center
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co
Aetna Life Insurance Company
Sagamore Health Network Inc
United Farm Family Mutual Insurance Company
Indiana Farm Bureau
Anthem, Inc.
Baldwin & Lyons, Inc.
Cno Financial Group, Inc.
American United Life Insurance Co Inc
The Medical Protective Company
Medical Protective
West Central Indiana Economic Development District Inc
General Casualty Insurance Group
American Health Network, Inc.
Trustees of Indiana University
School Informatics and Cmpt
Gary Community Schools Corporation
Lew Wallace Science Academy
Merit Life Insurance Co
Standard Life Insurance Company of Indiana
Displaying 1 - 50 of 1,162 companies
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