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Employers of Malpractice & Negligence Law majors in PA

Represent clients in criminal and civil litigation and other legal proceedings, draw up legal documents, or manage or advise clients on legal transactions. Malpractice and negligence lawyers specialize in representing clients who are injured or harmed as a result of negiligence by a professional, usually a physician, medical facility or lawyer.

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Company City State
Dechert LLP
Haggerty Goldberg Schleifer & PC
Hpix, LLC
Raynes, McCarty, Binder, Ross & Mundy, PC
Layser & Freiwald, P.C.
Disability Personal Injury Law Center
Margolis & Edelstein
Kroll, Rolf E
R Steven Shisler
R Steven Shsler Attrney At Law
Garnick & Associates PC
Berger & Lagnese PC
Soloff & Zervanos PC
James J Powell III
Medical Error Recognition and Revision Strategies, Inc
Penna, Grabois & Associates LLC
Westmoreland Injury Lawyers
Howard F Messer P C
Messer, Howard F
Leonard Parks & Associates
Parks & Associates
Westmoreland Injury Lawyers, LLC
Briskin & Lewis
The Personal Injury Law Group LLC
Christina S Nacopoulos
Durlofsky, Gregg, Law Office of
Scott I. Fegley, P.C.
Law Offices of Scott I. Fegley
Lapping & Ognidene PC
Prison Guard Injury Lawyers
Medical Litigation Support
Christie, Tabarue, Mortensen & Young Attorneys At Law
Goldberg, Katzman & Shipman PC Inc
Accident Injury Lawyers
Accident & Injury Lawyers
Capobianco & Associates Medical Legal Services, LLC
AAA Injury
Accident & Personal Injury Law Center
Lewitt Medical Legal
Personal Injury Professionals
Conshohocken Personal Injury Law Offices
Injury Med Express
Lundy Law Injury Lawyers
Cambria County M H-M R D and A Program Cambria C
Kessler Law Offices
Accident & Injury Law Office
Medical Legal Nurse Consultants
Ches-Mont Personal Injury Law Center LLC
Metzger Wickersham Knauss & Erb PC
Friedman & Hoch PC
Dale E Anstine PC
Medical Legal Consulting
Rafferty A Quatrini Professional Corporation
Displaying 1 - 48 of 48 companies
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