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Employers of Audiology & Speech Pathology majors in TX

Audiologists diagnose and treat a patient’s hearing and balance problems using advanced technology and procedures. Most audiologists work in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, physicians' offices, and audiology clinics. Some work in schools or for school districts and travel between facilities. Audiologists need a doctoral degree and must be licensed in all states; requirements vary by state. The median annual wage for audiologists was $69,720 in May 2012. Employment of audiologists is projected to grow 34 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations. Hearing loss increases as people age, so the aging population is likely to increase demand for audiologists.

Assess and treat persons with hearing and related disorders. May fit hearing aids and provide auditory training. May perform research related to hearing problems.

Hearing Aid Specialists
Select and fit hearing aids for customers. Administer and interpret tests of hearing. Assess hearing instrument efficacy. Take ear impressions and prepare, design, and modify ear molds.

Speech-Language Pathologists
Assess and treat persons with speech, language, voice, and fluency disorders. May select alternative communication systems and teach their use. May perform research related to speech and language problems.

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Company City State
Theraphy Concepts Inc
Cole Home Healthcare of Houston
University of Texas At Austin
University TX Spech Haring Ctr
The Center For Therapeutic Service
Texas Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist LLP
Cole Speech & Language Center, LP
Park Cities Speech Language & Hearing Center
Orthopaedic & Neurological Rehabilitation, Speech Pathology, Inc.
Bobby D. Jones, Inc.
Speech Lngage Hring Ctr Lbbock
Safari Kids Rehabilitation Center LLC
Safari St Enterprises
Children's Speech & Language Center
Barbara A Samfield
Speech Lngage Ctr At Stone Oak
Speech Language & Hearing Clinic
University of Houston
Bethel Hearing and Speaking Training Center, Inc.
Bethel Training Center
Loren S Hart
Harry Jersig Center
Our Lady of Lk Hrry Jersig Ctr
Estes Audiology PA
Audiology & Hearing Aids of Clear Lakes
Texas Ent
Diverse Speech Therapy Solutions
Pros Pediatric Therapies
Oak Stone Therapy Services
East Texas Pediatric Rehabilitation Associates Inc
East Texas Chld Therapy Svcs
Avada Audiology Hearing and Care Inc
Audiometric Services Inc
A S I Health Services
Speech Emporium
Kids In Progress, Pllc
Central Texas Speech Pathology Services Inc
Speechcare Inc
Bliss Weinfeld
Bay Area Speech Language Learning Assoc Inc
Speech Connections P.C.
Speech & Language Remidiation Center Inc
Speech Lnguage Remediation Ctr
McCrae Management & Investments, Ltd.
Ascent Audiology & Hearing
Greater Learning LP
Bilingual Speech Therapy of Houston
Audiology Online, Inc
Capital Area Speech Therapy
Estes Audiology PA
Kid Ventures Occupational Therapy PC
El Paso Hearing Aid Center Inc
El Paso Hring Aid Adiology Ctr
Stepping Stone Therapy For Kids
Potts Speech Pathology & Associates
Branch of The Theraphy
All About Rehab, LLC
Pediatric Rehab
U S Rehab Resources International Inc
PJC Coastal Hearing, LLC
Speech & Language Services
Webster Therapy Center
Ahl Audiology, LLC
A Speech Connection Clinic Pllc
Beltone Audiology and Hearing Aids
Speech Pathways, P.C.
Speech Pathways
Displaying 1 - 50 of 476 companies
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