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Employers of Agriculture majors in NV

Agricultural engineers—also known as biological and agricultural engineers—work on a variety of activities. These activities range from aquaculture (raising food, such as fish, that thrive in water) to land farming to forestry; from developing biofuels to improving conservation; from planning animal environments to finding better ways to process food. Agricultural engineers work much of the time in offices. They also spend time at a variety of worksites, both indoors and outdoors, traveling to agricultural settings to see that equipment and machinery are functioning according to both the manufacturers’ instructions and federal and state regulations. Agricultural engineers must have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in agricultural engineering or biological engineering. Employers also value practical experience, so cooperative-education engineering programs at universities are valuable as well. The median annual wage for agricultural engineers was $74,000 in May 2012. Employment of agricultural engineers is projected to grow 5 percent from 2012 to 2022, slower than the average for all occupations. Agricultural engineers are pursuing new areas related to agriculture, such as high-tech applications to agricultural products, water resource management, and alternative energies.

Agricultural Engineers
Apply knowledge of engineering technology and biological science to agricultural problems concerned with power and machinery, electrification, structures, soil and water conservation, and processing of agricultural products.

Agricultural Inspectors
Inspect agricultural commodities, processing equipment, and facilities, and fish and logging operations, to ensure compliance with regulations and laws governing health, quality, and safety.

Soil and Plant Scientists
Conduct research in breeding, physiology, production, yield, and management of crops and agricultural plants or trees, shrubs, and nursery stock, their growth in soils, and control of pests; or study the chemical, physical, biological, and mineralogical composition of soils as they relate to plant or crop growth. May classify and map soils and investigate effects of alternative practices on soil and crop productivity.

Agricultural Sciences Teachers, Postsecondary
Teach courses in the agricultural sciences. Includes teachers of agronomy, dairy sciences, fisheries management, horticultural sciences, poultry sciences, range management, and agricultural soil conservation. Includes both teachers primarily engaged in teaching and those who do a combination of teaching and research.

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Company City State
Peri & Sons Farms, Inc.
Department of Agriculture Nevada
Soil-Tech, Inc.
Southern Nevada Hydro Seed
United States Department of Agriculture
USDA Las Vegas Service Center
Peri & Sons Farms, Inc.
Herman Dennler Enterprises
Western States Seeds
Department of Agriculture Nevada
Windset Greenhouses(nevada) Inc.
Sandy Valley Farm, Inc.
Nevada Onion, Inc.
Nevada Onion
Golconda Butte Farms Inc
Department of Agriculture Nevada
Division of Plant Industry
Sylvan Spawn Laboratories Inc
US Foods Inc
Nevada Department of Agriculture
Nevada State Office
Nevada Department of Agriculture
Orient Farms LLC
Brinkerhoff Ranch Inc
Spalding Laboratories Inc
Moon Valley Nursery Vegas LLC
Atlanta Farms
Genoa Trees & Landscape Materials, Inc
Lee Ivey Ranch Inc
Lee Ivey Ranches
R. N. Fulstone Company
Prime Color Growers
Hetrick Brothers Inc
The Turf Company Inc
High Desert Turf
Department of Agriculture Nevada
Elko Office
Fahnestock Enterprises Inc
Western Turf & Nursery Farms
Western Turf & Hardscapes
Railroad Valley Trucking, LLC
Forester Hay
Nevada Department of Agriculture
Plant Industry Administrator
First Nevada Service Corp
Flying W Land and Livestock, LLC
Key Brothers Inc
Department of Agriculture Nevada
Weights and Measures
Sauvage Gas Company
Peri & Sons Farms, Inc.
Frey Farm LLC
Penoyer Farms Llc.
Glaser Land & Livestock Company
Nathan Rosenbloom
Loping Coyote Farms
Nevada Department of Education
Nevada Agriculture Education
Ragged Top Enterprises LLC
Fswfl, LLC
Dodge Brothers, Inc
Vernon F. Bryan, Inc.
High Country Haying, Inc.
Gene A. Brinkerhoff, Inc.
Displaying 1 - 50 of 400 companies
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