Employers of Agricultural Business Management majors in CA

Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers run establishments that produce crops, livestock, and dairy products. Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers held about 930,600 jobs in 2012. About 73 percent were self-employed. Traditionally, experience growing up on or working on a family farm or ranch is the way farmers and ranchers learn their trade. The median annual wage for farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers was $69,300 in May 2012. Employment of farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers is projected to decline 19 percent from 2012 to 2022. The continuing ability of the agricultural sector to produce more with fewer workers will result in less demand for farmers and ranchers.

Farmers, Ranchers, and Other Agricultural Managers
Plan, direct, or coordinate the management or operation of farms, ranches, greenhouses, aquacultural operations, nurseries, timber tracts, or other agricultural establishments. May hire, train, and supervise farm workers or contract for services to carry out the day-to-day activities of the managed operation. May engage in or supervise planting, cultivating, harvesting, and financial and marketing activities.

Buyers and Purchasing Agents, Farm Products
Purchase farm products either for further processing or resale. Includes tree farm contractors, grain brokers and market operators, grain buyers, and tobacco buyers.

Farm and Home Management Advisors
Advise, instruct, and assist individuals and families engaged in agriculture, agricultural-related processes, or home economics activities. Demonstrate procedures and apply research findings to solve problems; and instruct and train in product development, sales, and the use of machinery and equipment to promote general welfare.

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Company City State
Dole Holding Company, LLC
Foster Poultry Farms
West Coast Grape Farming, Inc.
Bolthouse Farms
Wm. Bolthouse Farms, Inc.
Bolthouse Farms
Morada Produce Company, L.P.
Sun World International, Inc.
Wawona Packing Co. LLC
Mountain View AG Services, Inc.
Noblesse Oblige Inc
Eight Star Equipment
Haro & Haro Enterprises Inc
Olam Americas Inc
S. Stamoules, Inc.
Stamoules Produce Co
CB North, LLC
Earthbound Farm, LLC
Natural Selection Foods, LLC
Davey Tree Surgery Company
Foster Dairy Farms
Crystal Creamery
Aztec Harvesting
Five Star Packing, LLC
R Ranch Market
Kreger Inc
P C A Farm Management LLC
Ramco Enterprises, L.P.
Ramco Employment Services
Esparza Enterprises, Inc.
Munger Bros., LLC
Munger Farm
Monrovia Nursery Company
Monrovia Growes
Foster Poultry Farms
Desert Haven Enterprises, Inc
Red Blossom Sales, Inc.
Red Blossom Farms
Monterey Mushrooms, Inc.
J. G. Boswell Company
Ranching Shop
Gothic Landscaping, Inc.
Gothic Grounds Mgmt
Red Blossom Sales, Inc.
Gallo Cattle Company, A Limited Partnership
Joseph Farms Cheese
Braga Fresh Family Farms, Inc.
L.S. Farms, LLC
Kern Ridge Growers, LLC
7th Standard Ranch Company
Sun Pacific Farming
Fruit Patch, Inc.
Sun Pacific Farming Cooperative, Inc.
Allied Farming Company
Giumarra Vineyards Corporation
Sun World International, Inc
Petco Animal Supplies, Inc.
Rocket Farms Herbs, Inc.
Sun World International, LLC
Mann Packing Co., Inc.
San Val Corp
San Val Alarm System
Hillman Holdings, LLC
Sun Pacific Maricopa
Maricopa Packers
Sierra-Cascade Nursery, Inc.
Displaying 1 - 50 of 6,304 companies
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